Top 10 Cucumber Salads With Dill

I myself am not a big fan of cucumbers but if you tried to persuade me to have a go at Cucumber Salad with Dill, I would certainly give it a try.   

What I find attractive about the taste for whatever reason it is, would be the cucumber sliced in paper thin pieces. Doing that would certainly garner and retain the same taste the same way you eat a thicker piece of cucumber.  

Below are my favorite Cucumber Salads With Dill. I am confident that one of these recipes are something that you will take into consideration for any of your future gatherings.  

The Spruce Eats

A Fork Stale


Five Heart Home

She Wears Many Hats

Once Upon A Chef

Sugar Free Mom

JerneJ Kitchen

Can people taste cucumber? 

Cucumbers have related organic compounds that are believed to cause a repugnant taste, in other words a taste they can’t notice at all.  

There is a gene called TAS2R38 that is responsible for the ability to taste the earlier-ment. This is nothing new, it is normal 

There are those of you who like the idea of yogurt based in your cucumber salad. You will be glad to know that yogurt has these health benefits 

Rich in Important Nutrients 

High In Protein 

Some Yogurt Varieties might Benefit Digestive Health 

It Might possibly Stengthen Your Immune System 

It Might Protect Against Osteoporosis 

It Might Help You Manage Your Weight 

It Might Benefit Heart Health 

Should you peel cucumbers for a salad? 

Eating the skin of a cucumber is perfectly fine. People do it all the time.  

The skin of a cucumber is a tough and bitter taste. You can use a vegetable peeler to slice the skin off in shallow strips long ways all over the cucumber. 

Which cucumber is good for Weight Loss? 

A mudium sized cucumber has only 24 calories, because it is considered a low-density food item, this would help in your quest for losing weight 

How To Make Cucumber Salad With Vinegar 

I have found this recipe from, which is entitled Vinegar Marinated Cucumbers (Cucumber Salad).

I totally agree with them, Cucumbers in vinegar is sooo good.  

This recipe creates a very tangy taste that will make you happy and mention out loud how good it is 

Cucumbers aren’t just Cucumbers 

There are 3 types of cucumbers 

  1. Slicing Cucumbers 
  • Ashley  
  • Burpless #26 
  • Dasher II 
  • Bush Champion 
  • Early Pride 
  • Fanfare 
  • Marketer 
  • Marketmore 76 
  • Muncher 
  • Poinsett 76 
  • Salad Bush 
  • Sugar Crunch 
  1. Pickling Cucumbers 
  •  Boston Pickling 
  • Burpee Pickler 
  • Bush Pickle 
  • Calypso 
  • Carolina 
  • Fancipak 
  • Parisian 
  • Pick a Bushel 
  • Wautoma  
  • Liberty 

3 Specialty Pickles 

  • Lemon 
  • Armenian 
  • Boothby 
  • Blondes 

Here are some cucumber salad tips 

1) Use a mandoline slicer to get uniform results. You’ll be encouraged by that. Make sure that you use the slicer slowly so you don’t injure your hand.  

2) Make sure you use the cucumber within one week. If you keep the cucumber in the fridge longer than one week, the cucumber can become mushy and oftern times you will have to throw the rest away. And when that happens it doesn’t put you in a good mood.  

3) Place the cut cucumber on a paper towel or a cloth.or soak in a bowl of salt water. What this means is that the longer the salted cucumber sits, the more water will be drawn out.  

4) Any kind of Slicing cucumber like the ones listed in this article are the best for cucumber salads. With the pickling varieties they tend to stay more compact.  

5) It is important to remove the water from the cucumbers when draining. It’s important to remove the water before putting the dressing in. 

To conclude, I hope that this blog will influence you the next time you have a Cucumber Salad with Dill. I think that having knowledge to what the people provided with their respective recipes can give you a broader choice of ideas. I would love to hear from you to tell me your experience that you had with Cucumber Salads with Dill.

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