Make Your Ranch Dressing Better Than The Stores

Several people are suggesting that making your own homemade ranch dressing is a much better route than buying the Ranch Dressing that is available at your local supermarket. From a cost perspective it would certainly work in your favor. By making your own Homemade Ranch Dressing you can control the level of spices that are put into the recipe.  

When you have people over and serving salad, instead of just setting a bottle on the table, you can serve your own dressing in a bowl or in a serving boat, or other creative ideas you might have.  

Below are my favorite Homemade Ranch dressing recipes. I am sure you will be proud of what you can do when you make your dressing. I hope that you will consider one of these 6 ideas for your next family dinner.  

Together As Family 

Five Heart Home


Budget Bytes 

That Low Carb Life

A Couple Cooks

What Type Of Ranch Dressing Do Restaurants Use?

There are some restaurants that serve ranch dressing straight from the bottle.  

There are some restaurants that use the powdered ranch mix typically the one from Hidden Valley. The restaurants have their cooks add either milk or buttermilk with sour cream to the make their dressing.  

There are some restaurants that would probably also make their own Homemade Ranch Dressing.  

Some restaurants have really good ranch dressing that you can tell no matter where you the taste of that particular ranch dressing knowing it’s theirs.  

Keto Ranch Dressing

When you go to the supermarket, most store bought dressings are low in carbs but at the same time they come loaded with anti-inflammatory fats and preservatives which makes it less healthy.  

If you are looking for a ranch dressing that is keto friendly and healthy your best bet is to make your own dressing.  

Keto Ranch dressing also works well a low carb idea for veggies.  

Another idea is keto ranch with fried zucchini and squash 

Nutrition Facts

How many Calories in Ranch Dressing?  

According to the USDA ranch dressing has 484 calories per 100 grams.  

How many Carbs in Ranch Dressing? 

According to the USDA ranch dressing has 7g of carbohyrates per 100 grams 

Ranch Dressing With Yogurt

Have you ever considered giving your homemade ranch dressing a yogurt twist to it. I have found this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen. Monique makes some really good suggestion as to what you can use the Yogurt Ranch dressing with, check it out 

Ranch Dressing Tips

If you want your ranch dressing tangyier consider leaving out the mayonnaise 

If you love garlic, try adding a couple extra cloves.  

Using an immersion blender and a mason jar is much quicker than using a food processor. You only have to clean one appliance and they rest stays in a mason jar 

A good indication to know how long your ranch dressing is good for is to look at the expiry date on the container if you are making ranch dressing with sour cream. 

The nice thing about making your own dressing is that you can adjust the herbs and spices 

Ranch Dressing is one dressing that is not just ideal for salads but also dipping with vegetables such as carrots, peppers and celery 

Items That Ranch Dressing Goes Great With

  • French fries 
  • Pizza 
  • Chicken tenders 
  • Burgers 
  • Ranch dressing mix in popcorn 
  • Brussell sprouts 
  • Mixed in potato salads 
  • Chips 
  • Chex Mix 
  • Chowders, 
  • Stews 
  • Bacon jalepeno poppers 
  • Buffalo cauliflower wings 
  • And these other ideas 

Ranch Dressing in a cheese ball 

Folks have you ever considered having Ranch Dressing combined with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and bacon to make a party cheese ball served with crackers 

Ranch Dressing in Mash Potatoes 

Some people in your family may not be too fond of mash potatoes. Perhaps consider combining ranch dressing with mash potatoes and see if they have a loving desire for mash potatoes.


Ranch Dressing is an American Favorite. This is one salad dressing that can be used for lots and lots of different purposes.

Do you have a ranch dressing you would like to share with the world? If so, I’d like to hear. Show us the best ranch dressing that is out there.

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