How To Make Amazing Greek Salad

Who doesn’t like Greek salad? Every time I have a Greek salad I always want more than I anticipated. It’s tempting because Greek salad tastes so good. 

Green Salads can be lettuce based or they can be used without lettuce  

Most Greek salads you have tried before are probably the traditional variety. Greek Salads that consist of green or red peppers, onions, cucumber and feta cubes.  

But now it is time to think outside the box and take your Greek salad to the next level. There are several ways of doing just that and below are suggested ways.  

The Mediterranean Dish has this Traditional Greek Salad Recipe 

Cooking Classy has this Greek Salad 

Smitten Kitchen has the Greek Salad with Lemon and Oregano 

Simply Scratch has the Best Grilled Chicken Greek Salad with Creamy Greek Dressing 

Have you ever tried Greek Salad with Quinoa?,  

Two Peas And Their Pod has this recipe

I’m sure some of you have tried a Greek Salad with Chickpeas.  

Café Delites has this Greek Chickpea Salad

Have you ever tried Greek Salad with a Creamy Yogurt Dressing? 

The Feed Feed has this Greek Salad

Or Have you ever thought about trying a greek salad with Couscous.  

Check out this recipe from The Beach House Kitchen

Yummy Mummy Kitchen has the Vegan Greek Salad 

The Comfort of Cooking has this Greek Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette 

Pinch of Yum has this Chopped Greek Salad 

The Gourmet RD has this Greek Salad with The Best Feta 

If you are wanting to go vegan and want to crave the taste of a greek salad here are three Vegan Greek Salads to try 

I like the look of this Vegan Greek Salad 

Experience this Greek Salad from Eating By Elaine 

Yep It’s Vegan has this Vegan Greek Salad with Tofu Feta

Zucker & Jagdwurst has The Vegan Greek Salad with Almond Cashew Feta. I looked at the pictures and this greek salad looks spectacular

Can you make Greek salad the day before? 

Greek salad can be made the day before. This is a real good salad that can be used as a time saver 

Is Greek salad healthy? 

Yes, Greek Salad is very low in calories which provides you with a healthy dose of vitamins A and C and also iron and potassium 

Greek salads also contains phytonutrients and antioxidants. This results in reducing the risk of health problems, for example heart disease and cancer.  

What is Greek salad dressing made of? 

A traditional Greek salad dressing is pretty much a greek vinaigrette as it contains the following 

Dijon mustard 

Olive oil 

lemon juice 

minced garlic cloves,  

dried oregano 

salt and pepper 

Can you lose weight eating Greek salads? 

A Greek salad is filled with vitamins and minerals that help you maintain a healthy body as well as mind.  

What does Greek salad dressing taste like? 

A Greek Salad has a bold and sharp flavor, with strong tastes of garlic, tangy vinegar and salt.  

It has a sharp and savory dressing that pairs well with romaine lettuce, red onions and feta cheese 

In Conclusion 

I hope that this blog has given you the opportunity to enhance your greek salad experience. Let me know what you think is the best greek salad that you come across, I am anxious to hear.  

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