Fruit Salads With Raspberries

When I was researching my favorite Fruit Salads with Raspberries, two things I was looking for was lots of red color and sophistication. If the theme is Raspberries my suggestion is that when you mixed other delicious fruit in the salad you make sure that at least 50% of the bowl consists of raspberries. That way the raspberries stand out most.  

Below are my Top 11 Fruit Salads with Raspberries recipes. I hope you enjoy reading each article, and hopefully one of them is the recipe you will try at your next event.  

This is a raspberry vanilla fruit salad. The raspberry honey dressing adds a flavour that one would enjoy.

This is a berry fruit salad with a honey lime dressing

This is a raspberry Yogurt Pudding Salad, This recipe looks very, very creamy 

This is a raspberry fluff jello salad, has a cool and creamy texture 

This also is raspberry fluff jello salad, this one is light and fluffy

This is a peach and Raspberry Fruit Salad with Mascarpone. It also is served with pistachois and maple syrup

This is an extra creamy berry salad. It comes with loads and loads of cream

This is a Raspberry Rose Fig Fruit salad,

This is a Raspberry Jello Salad, it is served with Frozen Raspberries,

This is a raspberry mint lemonade fruit salad, it is also served with avocados and walnuts 

This is a crown ruby fruit salad, it looks delicious mixed with strawberries 

Lots of Fruits go well with Raspberries. Other Berries, apricot, almonds, citrus, halzenut, plum, mint are just a few ingredients that are good companions.  

What are the benefits of eating raspberries? 

Raspberries are high in fiber and vitamins. They are low in calories.  

Raspberries may protect against cancer, arthritis and other conditions.  

Raspberries and easy to include in your diet, and make for a tasty meal. 


Are there any consequences of eating too many raspberries? 

Processed foods and those high in fat and sugar are unhealthy. Cell damage can be caused by too many free radicals remaining in the body. Raspberries however are a good source of fiber.  

Is it bad to eat a whole pack of raspberries? 

It could cause digestive problems, unless you are accustomed to diet that is high fiber 

Is it OK to eat raspberries everyday? 

Because raspberries are a good source of fiber, one cup of raspberries contains 8 grams of fiber.  Raspberries are a good way to add to a daily intake. The current guildlines recommend that people over the age of 19 should cosume between 22.4 g and 33.6 grams of fiber a day. 


Are you supposed to eat the hairs on raspberries? 

These are the remnants of the pistils. They seem safe to eat. Always wash the raspberries first. 

Why do raspberries get mushy? 

Raspberries are very fragile especially when they get shipped. Each day they’re on a grocer’s shelf.  

Why do raspberries mold so quickly? 

Some people ask, how come raspberries spoil so quickly, even when they are in the fridge.  Because raspberries are a soft fruit that is fragile that normally do get damage while in transport. The rotting causes the bacteria to spread to other fruits.  

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