Fruit Salads With Mangoes

Fruit Salads With Mangoes

I have always had a zest and a love for mangoes. I say to myself, who doesn’t like mangoes, they are soo good. Mango popsicles are delicious, mango slushies are so good. But fruit salads with mangos always bring smiles to people’s faces. The color of mangoes looks bright and also draws attention.

Below are list of my favorite Fruit Salads with Mangoes

Dinner at the Zoo with the Tropical Fruit Salad.  

What I like about this salad.  

1. The wide assortment of fruit including Mangos, such as pineapple, papaya and raspberries 

2. very low calories (170)

Epicurious had the Mango and Blue Berry and Ginger Fruit Salad.  

What I like about this salad.  

1. The simple two fruit approach, mango chunks and blueberries 

  1. Crystallized Ginger  which is included

Marisa Moore has this Honey Lime Mango Fruit Salad.  

What I like about this salad.  

1. The contast between the red raspeberries and the yellow mango chucks 

  1. The salad can be used as a snack, a breakfast salad or can be  enjoyed at lunch or dinner

Big Oven has this Pineapple Mango Fruit Salad 

What I like about this salad.  

  1. How the fruit sit inside a pineapple shell, very creative!! 
  2. The fruit that comes with the mangos, the strawberries, bananas, kiwi,  and pineapple

Allrecipes has this mango papaya fruit salad  

What I like about this salad. 

  1. Very low in calories, 76 
  2. The papaya,  
  3. 3. The lime dressing that is poured over the fruit

Zestful Kitchen has the Vietnamese Mango Fruit Salad.  

What I like about this salad.  

  1. The bright color of the sliced mangos 
  2. The lime wedges on the side. Squeezing lime over top would really add to the taste

Recipe Garden has this Easy Mango Salad recipe with Bananas 

  1. The bananas mixed with the Mangoes look really delicious 
  2. Would go really good with pie and a family event 

Bawarchi has the Fruit Salad with Mango Cream Cheese Dressing 

1. The mango cream cheese dressing obviously 

2. 4 table spoons of walnuts 

3 The fruit that comes with the mangoes (bananas, pineapple slices)

Spend with Pennies has the Fresh Summer Fruit Salad.  

What I like about this salad 

  1. The mangoes are one of 8 fruits and then mixed together 
  2.  The idea of not having a dressing because it won’t from the flavor of the fruits

What is the benefit of mango? 

Mangoes contains Vitaminc C, fibre and pectin, which makes this a perfect fruit that helps control cholesterol levels that are high.  

Mangoes help cleanse the skin from deep inside your body. They treat pores and gives a glow to your skin.  

Mangoes and obesity 

There has been no study that has shown that consuming mangos leads to weight loss in people. Obesity looks to increase the rish of various health conditions which include stroke, diabetes and heart disease.  

Mangoes are on the sweetest fruits and ls lower in fiber than other fruits.  

It is recommended that you should not exceed two servings a day of mangoes.  

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, adults should eat 1 and a half to 2 cups of fruit per day 

Which is correct mangos or mangoes? 

In order to make a noun plural that ends in “o”, you are supposed to add only s if there is a vowel before the o.  

If there is a consonant before the o, then what you do is that you add es.  

So the correct plural is mangoes.  

What is a mango supposed to taste like? 

Mangoes are some of the sweeter fruits in the produce section of the supermarket when ripe 

They have a range of tastes from floral to citrusy depending on the mango.  

Some have a tropical flower flavor while other are orangy and have a tart flavor like lemon.  

Is mango sweet or sour? 

The yellow skinned mango is sweet and tender when the green mangoes are more chunchier and tart especially when they are not ripe 

People either love mangoes or they hate him. There are some mangoes that taste like turpentine, but most sold in stores taste like a peach or a cross between a peach and a pineapple.  

Can I drink water after eating mango? 

Not more than one mango should be consumed each day and cold water should never be comsumed immediately after eating the green fruit. 

How do know when a mango is ripe? 

The best way is to squeeze gently. You will notice the soft flesh inside.  

Ripe mangos will at time have a fruity aroma at their stem ends 

Are mangoes fattening? 

Jasleen Kaur a nutritionist says “Mangoes are fat free, cholesterol free and salt free and are super fruits for summers.” 


My name is Pete. I love talking about Salads. I hope that this website is the destination for everything Salads

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