Fruit Salads with Caramel

Every once in a while I have a zest to put caramel on some of my food items that I eat. Putting caramel on a fruit salad can certainly add flavor to an already delicious fruit salad. Many people like to drizzly their caramel on top, I like to shake it in there. Either way the delicious caramel taste is in the fruit salad. Sometimes when I eat caramel, it reminds of days at the fair going on a ferris wheel. I guess that is because I would be getting my hands on a candy apple with caramel. But at state fairs they don’t typically have Fruit Salads with Caramel. Below are 12 awesome Fruit Salad with Caramel ideas to share with family and friends.  

Taste of Home has the Caramel Mixed Fruit Salad.

 The recipe has apples, dried cherries, pear, and what stands out most for me are the oranges. The Caramel adds that delicious taste to bring to popular functions.  

Cakes Cottage has the Caramel Apple Salad.  

The way it’s designed is that you can take an apple slice and use the salad as dip. They describe this salad as a super simple delicious fall salad.  

Spicy Southern Kitchen has the Snickers Caramel Apple Salad.  

I don’t know how anybody can object to this salad. Snickers says it all. This recipe I am sure would have people racing to the table to try. When you see this recipe you won’t even notice the apples. The apples are under an avalanche of cool whip and caramel sauce.

LIttle Dairy on the Prairie has the Caramel Apple Salad with Snickers Candy Bars.  

They not only insist that you can serve this as a dessert dish but also with the main courses. They also use Reese Peanut Cups as well. OMG could you imagine. This is another MUST TRY.

Cooking With Karli has this Caramel Apple Salad.  

She makes this recipe with Milky Way Candy Bar. I’ve never tried Milky Way so I wouldn’t know the taste but it certainly looks pretty good. This Salad is very fluffy and very creamy, YUM sounds good.

Taste of Lizzy T has the Snickers Apple Salad.  

Again the Snickers chunks make this dessert look delicious. You can also see the apple chunks. I like how they add the apples directly into the pudding mix 

The Slow Roasted Italian has this Snickers Caramel Apple Cheesecake Salad. That sounds like a mouthful. I love the color and the way the delicious chunks are on top of the salad. It really stands out. A simple recipe that just needs 5 ingredients.

Recipe Dairies has this Caramel Apple Salad. What I like it that the apple pieces are on top. They are on top of the Salad that is ultra creamy. The apples and crushed pineapple make this look really good.  

I Save A to 2 has the Bake Twix Caramel Apple Salad recipe. Twix is one of my favorite chocolate bars of all time. I love the fact they come in twos. Here in this recipe Jennifer uses Twix bites. They create a lot more consistency. She cuts them in half.  

Six Sister Stuff has this Caramel Apple Jell-O Salad. The Jello in this salad makes it sound like its fun to eat. Here they use Twix. I am definitely wanting to try the salad. This salad only takes 10 minutes to make

Crafty Morning has the Twix Caramel Apple Salad. I am looking at this salad and thinking, OMG the Twix and the green apple chunks look so good. What a great combo !!. The cool whip makes this look really delicious.  

Stuck on Sweet has the Brownie Brittle Caramel Apple Salad. If you are a fan of brownies, this can look indulging. What they use is brownie brittle, it is only one of five ingredients that are needed  

What is caramel made of? 

Sometimes called “caramel candy”, toffee is considered a chewy candy that is made of boiling milk or cream, glugose, butter, sugar and vanilla or vanilla flavoring.  

The sugar and glucose get heated separately to reach 130 degrees, the mixture then gets cooled because the cream and butter are added to the mix. 

Why is caramel so good? 

The reason why caramel tasty so good is because of the combination of any two of these characteristics, sweet, bitter, salty, umani and sour. Chefs call this “flavour layering” 

Is caramel bad for? 

Caramel contains no saturated fat and no cholesterol, this helps with a balanced diet.  

Caramel contains 28 grams of sugar, it is about the same amount you would get if you ate a 6 ounce serving of yogurt.  

Is caramel good for weight loss? 

Caramel apples can actually help you lose weight. A carmael apple is a much better alternative to ice cream, candy, fat foods or any snack that is packed with high calories.  

A caramel apple will help you fill-up with fiber and carbohydrates and provide more energy to help you live a healthier lifestyle 

Is Caramel better than chocolate? 

Dark Chocolate is better “for your health” rather than caramel.  

With regards to Nutrients and health properties, caramels can make you happier than eating chocolate.  

What does caramel coloring do to your body? 

Caramel color that is added to many soft drinks and some foods have the tendancy to turn brown, it might sound appealing.  

There are some types of artifical coloring that contain a potentially carinogenic chemical called 4 Mel. Ideally there would not be in any 4-Mel in foods.  

Is caramel burnt sugar? 

Contrary to the name itself, burnt sugar is not burnt, however when you are making caramel you have to make sure it doesn’t get overcooked.  

Burnt Sugar is the carmelization of sugar that produces a very deep, rich, brown-colored syrup.  

Why is my homemade caramel bitter? 

More sugar molecules break down and caramel begins to taste more complex and less sweet when the temperature continues to climb with more cooking.  

Eventually becoming more bitter, if left unchecked molecules will form, thus making the caramel taste acrid and burnt.  

Do you Stir caramel while cooking? 

It is not necessary, stirring can even become harmful, as it can cause the sugar solution to splatter all over the sides of the pan 

Water will evaporate quickly and the sugar can form back into crystals.  

How can you tell when caramel is done? 

A really nice tasting caramel should be cooked until you see a dark, reddish-brown color. Some people will tell you that cooking caramel until it starts to smoke, but that is too soon.  

Do butterscotch and caramel taste the same? 

The two actually do taste similar. The major difference is in the sugar. That is because caramel is made often with grunulated sugar while butterscotch has brown sugar in it.  

However, some caramel recipes call for butter, so the two could end up tasting similar. The main difference is in the sugar. Caramel is often made with granulated sugar,  

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